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Entry 7: Researching type from my magazine redesign

I felt that BusinessWeek could benefit from a more modern look and feel, that would encourage the user's to explore the magazine and not be turned off by the busy pages.

Designer: Michael Gills , 1992 About Charlotte Sans™ Book Designer Michael Gills created Charlotte Sans on screen with FontStudio software and has achieved a perfect balance between the humanistic qualities of Gill Sans and the evenness of color in the Frutiger series. Highly versatile on their own and compatible with their roman counterpart the Charlotte Sans family offers a spectrum of choices for more creative typographic expression.

Charlotte Sans was designed to coordinate with the Charlotte Serif typefaces in style, weight, and color.
The Charlotte Sans™ Book typeface belongs to the Charlotte Sans™ Font Family which is part of the ITC Collection.

The above quote came from the linotype web site and gives a little background on the typeface and the designer. I found it interesting to read that Gills was trying to capture a balance between Gill Sans and Frutiger, two other typefaces I considered for this application. That information makes me think I made the right choice. The type features a taller x-height and open counters which was important because the magazine is very type heavy with older readers, so I felt it would be important to lower the type size to lighten up the page, but maintain readability. The title font is a traditional serif Garamond 3, and this sans face lends itself well to the clean, classic aesthetic as well as a modern look.