September 28, 2008

51-year old woman dies in crash

The Star Tribune reported on the front page of their local section that a 51-year old woman died when she was hit by an SUV while biking in St. Paul on Summit Ave. Saturday. They devoted six paragraphs to a story that included the age and home of the driver, (a 39-year old Minneapolis man), comments from police, and much information on the victim, Virginia Heuerbowar.

The Pioneer Press, also known as the St. Paul Pioneer Press, only had five sentences on the topic, all coming from the Associated Press. The location of the article was much harder to find as well. It is interesting that the Pioneer Press didn't have more on the story than the Star Tribune, considering it is a local story and they are more local than the Strib.

$700 Billion Bailout Plan Proposed

Newspapers across the country detailed the proposal of the $700 billion bailout of Wall Street, and USA TODAY announced that the proposal will be put to a vote Monday.

USA TODAY attached a link to the proposed bill in the first three paragraphs of their story to give those who don't know much about the details an opportunity to look at it themselves, and went on to speak with congress-people and President Bush for their thoughts on the matter. The Star Tribune instead devoted the second paragraph of their story to explaining the bill, before moving on to the reactions. It then returns to some stipulations of the bill further into the story.

Both newspapers reported that Obama and McCain are both planning on voting for the bill, which is being toted as a widely unpopular one.

September 21, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Yankee Stadium

Baseball fans are taking the opportunity to say their final goodbyes to Yankee Stadium, which will be replaced at the end of this season, the New York Times reported. Yankee Stadium, one of the most historic stadiums remaining, played host to this year's All-Star Game, and housed one of the greatest dynasties baseball has ever seen.

Fans and players alike were warned not to try and take anything out of the stadium, as pieces of memorabilia will instead be sold at a later date. Players have already inquired about some of the items, such as the foul poles, flag pole, and pitching rubber. The Hall of Fame has asked for the bat which sat atop the foul pole, but the historic home plate will stay with the Yankees, as it will be the only thing from the old stadium to be used in the new stadium.

At least 40 dead in Pakistan Hotel Explosion

A truck bomb was responsible for one of the largest terrorist attacks in Pakistan's history, ripping through a Marriott hotel and killing at least 40 while injuring at least 100, the Associated Press reported in the Pioneer Press.
No groups took immediate responsibility for the blast, which left a 30-foot hole in front of the main building. Witnesses saw a large truck drive through the hotel gate at 8 p.m., and recalled a smaller explosion, followed by a much larger one.

The Pioneer Press and many other papers picked this story up, as it was the biggest international news of the day. It involved a lot of people, was recent, and was something that most readers will at least glance through.

Boyfriend arrested following girlfriend's motorcycle death

The death of a 28-year-old woman following what appeared to be a motorcycle accident in Andover has ended up leading to the arrest of her boyfriend and father of her child.

Police said that Natasha Waalen's injuries weren't consistent with a motor vehicle accident, the Star Tribune reported. In the ensuing investigation, authorities arrested the 33-year-old suspect, whose name was not released.

Waalen graduated from Anoka High School, and left behind a 4-year-old daughter.

This article received coverage in the Star Tribune as it was an interesting story and a local story. It was found on the first page of the paper's website, while the Pioneer Press did not include this headline on theirs.

September 14, 2008

35W Bridge news

The 35W bridge, which will be opening sometime this week, (announcement of when to come tomorrow) has been covered a variety of ways. From the St. Cloud Times, an Associated Press report details why people are disappointed in the bridge, while no one from the actual Times bothers to cover it.

Here in Minneapolis, the Star Tribune takes more time to cover the story of the bridge that has left the city's traffic in knots, looking back at the tragedy, looking forward at an eventual finished product, and looking towards the day when the biggest detour in quite a while finally ends

Clinton urges "No Palin" in Ohio

Hillary Clinton added another name to her punchline from the Democratic National Convention, the Associated Press reported and Star Tribune picked up, adding "No Palin" to the war-cry in Ohio. Clinton spoke for 20 minutes, and is expected to speak again in Akron, according to the article.

The interesting thing about this article isn't actually the news however, as much as it is the fact that the Columbus Dispatch didn't pick up the article for its own news. For a Minnesota paper, one would assume that the story would be less interesting, but instead, it's the local paper that didn't have anything on the event.

One reason may be that Clinton has used the same rally cry already. On Sept 9, the New York Times reported on a similar rally in Tampa.

"“No way, no how, no McCain — no Palin!? Mrs. Clinton declared.

After someone in the audience yelled, “Tell us about Palin,? Mrs. Clinton replied: “I don’t think that’s what this election is about. Anybody who believes that the Republicans, whoever they are, can fix the mess they created probably believes that the iceberg could have saved the Titanic.?"