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Pawlenty brushes off talk that he could be the vice president

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty put aside all talk of his chances to become John McCain's running mate, brushing aside CNN's questions on air, the Star Tribune reported. Pawlenty spoke well of Senator McCain however, saying that he feels he would be a good president, and also managed to toss some criticism of McCain's possible democratic counterpart, Barack Obama.

"One of the questions I’ll have, or the country will have for Sen. Obama, if he’s the candidate, is when he says, “Yes we can,? we also have to ask the rest of the question, which is “Do what?? When you go down the list of things that he’s proposing, I think it’s going to be quite expensive.?

Minnesota hasn't voted for a republican president since 1972, but Pawlenty said that the state may be turning around, or is at least moving more towards the republican side.