February 24, 2008

Fidel's brother likely successor

With Cuban leader Fidel Castro announcing his retirement at the ripe age of 81, there is little doubt about who will replace him. Cuba will hardly choose youth after 50 years under Castro, as the 76-year-old Raul Castro will likely become Cuba's next leader.

Raul has been in charge of the country since Fidel became ill 19 months ago, the Star Tribune reported. And although the leadership is not expected to change much, there is cautious optimism about the direction the country may be taking. The Star Tribune interviewed a Cuban taxi driver, Tony Gomez, who said that the Cuban people feel Raul knows they want better living conditions.

Despite this optimism, Fidel Castro still believes things will remain the same.
"The reality is otherwise," he wrote when confronted with the idea of impending change.

February 18, 2008

Kosovo Declares itself a country

Ten years after a civil war, Kosovo claimed its independence from Serbia, the New York Times announced. Kosovo claimed that Serbia's brutality towards the Albanians takes away any right for Serbia to rule over them.

Britain, Germany and France are the first to recognize Kosovo as a new nation, and while some countries refuse to, others are expected to follow.

Serbia is not happy with the move, the New York Times reports, as Serbs rushed the U.S. Embassy, throwing stones at it for their part in helping Kosovo under Bill Clinton's presidency.