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We have opted to give our presentation in the form of a lecture accompanied by powerpoint. While it is not the most vivacious form of conveying information, it allows us an optimum amount of flexibility regarding time, and gives us more opportunity to be specific with our research.

We'll start with a brief overlook of time and place (pre-Oyo Empire, Yoruba's Golden Age), followed by a discussion of Yoruban culture, social and political events of the time, and a general history. The body of our discussion will focus on Egungan ritual (Masking Ritual), specifically it's strong links to Yoruban ancestry and spirituality. We'll close with an argument discussing how putting Yoruban mask ritual in the lens of "performance art" doesn't do justice to its intention.

Questions. Do the Yoruban consider this art?
How is the Yoruban definition of "art" different from our own?
Are there misconceptions among historiographers about what these rituals are about and what their significance is?

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Hi all,

Agreed; lectures and powerpoint are not always the most entertaining ways to teach, but they can be very effective. The key is to infuse your presentation with energy and plan it very intricately.

Your current course of action sounds promising, and I like your framing questions a lot. Consider where the questions of historiography come in - is it something that you talk about from teh very beginning of the presentation and remind us throughout? Or do these questions come into play at the end? Right now, I think the former would be more effective, but this will have to develop naturally as your lecture takes shape.

Good job with this!

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