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The heat broke on Friday evening after a powerful rainstorm, but my plants seemed to do alright! I've got a couple new developments this week. I watered and gave Table 1 10 grams of nutrients on Sunday, I'm thinking I may have to go ahead and do it again tonight.
With this entry I will do a bit of a comparative study on both tables. My vegetables that I planted in the ground still seem to be alive, but they are definitely not growing as much as the tables.

Ruffled Edge Lettuce: Both are doing well. I would say they are of similiar size and vigor in both tables. Not big enough to harvest yet, I don't think.
hydroponic 006.jpg
hydroponic 013.jpg

Smooth Lettuce: Both doing well, not big enough to harvest. One plant on the hydroponic table looks to have burns around the edges.
hydroponic 007.jpg
hydroponic 014.jpg

Red and Yellow Chard: doing well. Chard on Table 1 is about half an inch bigger.
hydroponic 008.jpg
hydroponic 015.jpg

My india mustard has gone to seed on both tables. I was just reading up on what to do, I will pinch off the flowers tonight and see what happens.
hydroponic 009.jpg
hydroponic 017.jpg

Red Lettuce: slow growing, not as prolific as the green lettuce and both tables.
hydroponic 010.jpg

hydroponic 018.jpg

Kale: growing nicely on both tables, I notice there are at least 1 new leave for each plant on each table.

My other concern is the burn on the broccoli of the hydro table, none on Table 1
hydroponic 019.jpg

as well as a bit of burn on the boc choy of Table 1, no burn on the hydro table. The boc choy is larger on Table 1, also.
hydroponic 011.jpg

Onions have grown an inch since we've planted.

Any suggestions for the "burns" on some of the lettuce, mustard greens that have gone to seed?

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Jamie, I think that the burn you are seeing may progress to chlorosis (yellowing) between the leaf veins due to iron and/or manganese deficiency. Part of that is due to high pH (which is why I sent you that email with instructions for adding 1/4 cup of 5% white vinegar) an part of it may be due to the low levels of iron and manganese in the soluble fertilizer we used for the nutrient.

Keep the posts coming!

Jamie, when you do your harvests would you please weigh each type of plant separately?
Romaine lettuce
Loose leaf lettuce
Red lettuce
Swiss Chard
Pac Choi
Not each plant separately, but each type of green separately. That way we can keep track of what types of greens are happiest in what system.

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