Analysis: Baumgartner makes record freefall

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In the ESPN article, "Baumgartner makes record freefall," the writer, Megan Michelson, used three sources. The sources she named are Felix Baumgartner, the subject of the article, Joe Kittinger, Baumgartner's mentor, and Robert Hager, a news broadcaster.

Michelson scatters quotes throughout the article, although the first three paragraphs are simply setting the stage and do not have quotes. After the first three paragraphs, quotes appear in almost every other paragraph. The article is short and there are plenty of quotes, but aside from one quote from Baumgartner about the experience, none of the quotes are particularly informative.

The information is from people, although it is not clear if Michelson talked to all of the sources or if she used their quotes from the televised broadcast. She made sure to specify when each quotes was spoken (i.e. "Baumgartner said beforehand") and the quotes are effectively placed throughout the article, although, as stated above, the quotes are not great.

Most of the quotes used are direct quotes, but Michelson does use some paraphrasing. The paraphrasing ("Baumgartner said his visor fogged up.") makes the article stronger because it includes important information but avoids yet another weak quote.

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