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I decided to compare ESPN's multimedia content to Yahoo! Sports's multimedia content. ESPN has a lot of videos on its website that appeared on TV. There are clips that feature commentary's by their on-air personalities, clips that feature highlights and many other videos.

Yahoo! Sports seems to have less videos, but they seem to have similar content. This makes sense because Yahoo! Sports isn't in the industry of producing 24-hours of video content a day.

Many of Yahoo! Sports videos aren't associated with specific articles whereas a lot of videos on ESPN's website can be found on the same page as an article. I find the writing in videos to be more straightforward and to the point. It doesn't need to have the same amount of detail as an article because viewers can see images.

Although not the case on either of these two websites, a lot of websites have the same text in the article as they do in the video. I think that the multimedia aspect should be separate from the article; it should be used to either a) complement the article or b) present the information. I don't need the same different information in two different formats. Often times I'll read an article and then go to click on the link and be disappointed when the video is the exact same as the text.

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