Analysis: An outgunned Hamas tries to tap Islamists' growing clout

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I chose to analyze "An outgunned Hamas tries to tap Islamists' growing clout," which was written by David D. Kirkpatrick and Mayy El Sheikh and appeared on the New York Times website.

I don't think that the story is stereotypical; I think it is more grounded in fact. It said that Hamas turned to Egypt's new government because they are "ideological allies." I think some may perceive that to be stereotypical, but I think it moves beyond that because there is truth to the statement. It's not just saying that because they practice the same religion, they feel the same way.

The journalists used numerous sources, although not all of them were talking about the cultural aspect of Hamas. They used a quote from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Reda Fahmy, member of Egypt's Parliament, Moussa Abu Marzouk, a senior Hamas official, Dan Meridor, the Israeli intelligence minister, United States President Barack Obama and Egypt President Mohamed Morsi.

Marzouk was probably the best source in terms of the cultural aspect, because he talked about the position of Islamists in the region. He said that that Islamists in the region would side with Hamas. That quote gives readers a better sense of the culture because it tells readers where their political ideologies lie.

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