Analysis: George McGovern Dies at 90, a Liberal Trounced but Never Silenced

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Former United States senator George McGovern died late October. The New York Times obituary uses a statement from McGovern's family, a statement from President Barack Obama, McGovern's own words and Theodore H. White, an author.

It has a standard obituary lead. It lists his accomplishments, told when he died and listed his age in the second sentence.

The article is a very in-depth look at McGovern's life and career. It celebrates his many life accomplishments. It is valuable to readers because it is a fitting tribute to a man who had a major impact on the country, at one point, and a major impact on South Dakota at many points.

The obituary differs from a resume in many ways. An obituary has sources, which a resume doesn't have. It provides a more full picture of the individual by talking to people about the person. It is more than just a list of achievements because it describes the life of the person in detail.

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Decent job on this, Betsy. Might help in future to look at a second obit, if only for comparison.

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