Analysis: Obama demands fast action on fiscal cliff, including tax hike on wealthy

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I chose Tom Cohen's article "Obama demands fast action on fiscal cliff, including tax hike on wealthy," which I found on CNN's website.

This content of this article heavily relies on numbers; it is an article about tax cuts, which requires numbers. The reporter needs numbers to let readers know which citizens will be taxed; that is something he couldn't accomplish without using numbers.

The numbers aren't overwhelming; they are used when they need to be used, but they aren't overused. I think he probably could have used numbers more. I think he should have used percentages to more effectively write the article. What percent of people will be taxed more? What percent of people make over $250,000?

It doesn't appear that he crunched any numbers or did any math. I think the article would have been better if he did. For example, he would have had to crunch numbers to figure out certain percentages. If he had examined what percent of people would be taxed differently because of this, the article would have been stronger.

The sources of some of his numbers are not clear, however the $250,000 came from President Barack Obama's speech early Friday.

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