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Fist Fight On Bus Leaves One Dead

A Minneapolis man was charged with second-degree murder Wednesday after a fatal fist fight on a public bus.
Cedric Gibbs, 47, unintentionally killed 60-year-old Randy Korn by repeatedly punching him in the face, causing him to fall out of the number 10 bus and hit his head on the pavement, reports the Associated Press.
The fight started when Gibbs intervened on Korn swearing at the bus driver. Korn pushed Gibbs, causing him to retaliate by punching Korn in the face several times, according to the AP.
The bus surveillance tape indicates that Korn was knocked out by one of the final punches, reports WKBT News.
The incident is indicative of a current wave of violent crimes on the Minneapolis Metro Transit System, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press.