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Eric Bana Crashes 'Painstakingly' Restored Car

Australian actor Eric Bana crashed during an "around-the-state" car rally Saturday, but walked away unharmed with his co-driver, according to the Associated Press.
During the Targa Tasmania rally, Bana, 38, and his co-driver Tony Ramunno were in 53rd of 115 cars in the Outright Classic competition at the time of the accident, reports the AP.
His car is a 1974 Ford XB Coupe that Bana has had since he was 15 years old, according to the AP.
The accient occurred when the actor "misjudged a tight left-hander" and "went into a couple of trees at a fairly low speed," Bana said, according to the AP.
The actor and co-driver emerged unscathed, and though the car was not totaled, it "is a little battered on the driver's side," Bana said, reports the AP.