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Teenage Mother Responsible For Killing Her Newborn Baby

A 17-year-old Oakdale girl was charged with 1st degree murder Thursday after being accused of stabbing her newborn baby 135 times, the Star Tribune reports.
Nicole Beecroft hid her pregnancy from friends and family, and it is unclear how long she had known she was pregnant, according to the Star Tribune.
The criminal complaint states that early Monday morning Beecroft went to the bathroom, but "something didn't feel right," iafrica.com reports. The girl then gave birth on a laundry room floor.
Initially, Beecroft claimed the baby had been stillborn. Though a clear motive has not been established, she changed her story after the body was found, claiming she stabbed the infant after seeing its finger move, reports the Star Tribune.
Police found the body, a knife and bloody towels in a garbage can outside her house after receiving an anonymous tip, according to iafrica.com.