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October 13, 2005

LIncOln & mE

There are a number of differences between Lincoln school and my middle school, Skyview Middle School. The first would have to be that my school was new when i went there. It had only been open for like two years. We had very nice desks and computers. For each grade level there was a "house." Which meant that all of your classes where in that house. Your locker was located right outside of the house as well. We had new everything; new chalkboards, heat and air. It was really nice. Lincoln is an older school that probably doesnt have any air or heat. There is probably a musky smell to it too. The computers maybe run down and not be up to speed like most schools.

Another difference is that there are not a lot of kids at Skyview that get free lunches. There are a handful but nothing like at lincoln. There is more varity as well. At Skyview there is what as known as A and B lunch and then there is a a la carte line as well. At the a la carte you could find cookies, malts, doughnuts, breadsticks, all the good food you could think of. At Lincoln they probably only have one option for lunch maybe a second. The lunches might be more crowded as well. Where kids cant find a spot to sit down and eat. My lunch was always crowded and noisy which is found at another school. So there is a simialirty.

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The "probably"s here are OK--but they aren't actually that correct. The school doesn't seem tha run down. What does seem run down is the surrounding neighborhood, which makes a difference. I think you might stick with the hunger/food option--that if these kids are getting free/reduced lunch, they might not have alot of food at home. That may be significant.

Posted by: Jerry at October 13, 2005 3:19 PM

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