Amanda Knox Guilty or Not?

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By Alison Henderson
The final verdict of the Amanda Knox trial was declared Monday, but the verdict differed depending on the paper.

Knox was declared not guilty of murder, but several online reports stated that she lost the appeal against her murder conviction, according to a CNN report.

The Daily Mail received the most criticism after posting a full-length article describing the verdict in detail.

"Amanda Knox looked stunned this evening after she dramatically lost her prison appeal against her murder conviction," said The Daily Mail article.

The URL to the article still exists, but the content has been taken down.

The Guardian made a similar mistake in a live blog, but the information was quickly corrected and apologies were made shortly after, according to a report from the Washington Post.

SEO consultant Malcolm Coles suggested in his blog that the reports were most likely a result of fast reporting, and posted when Knox was found guilty of slander.

"In their attempt to be first with the verdict on Amanda Knox, the Mail Online published its pre-written story the moment the judge said the word guilty," said Coles.

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