Death Toll Rises in Turkey

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By Alison Henderson

The death toll has risen to over 500 people in Turkey since a 7.2-magnitude earthquake of shook the country on Sunday.

Rescuers said hundreds of bodies are still beneath the rubble, but they are turning their focus to the needs of the survivors who are now battling rain and snow, according to a BBC report.

"They say we will get prefabricated houses in one-and-a-half months," survivor Zeki Yatkin said, in an interview with Reuters. "We can't tolerate the cold, but what else can we do?"

Though help was initially denied, international aid arrived Thursday in cities most impacted by the quake. The Israeli government delivered supplies and several prefabricated houses, according to a New York Times report.

Rescuers also pulled a 13-year-old from the remains of a building 108 hours after the quake. He was seen being carried in a stretcher, appearing to be conscious, according to a Star Tribune report.

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