Flu Vaccine Found to Be 59 Percent Effective

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By Alison Henderson

Research from the University of Minnesota shows that the flu vaccine is only 59 percent effective in adults under 65, according to a Minnesota Daily report.

This is a significant drop from the 70 to 80 percent effectiveness that the Centers for Disease Control have previously estimated.

The components of the flu vaccine have not changed much since the inception of the vaccine in the 1940s, but still fight against the flu by stimulating the immune system.

Tom Skinner, a spokesman for the CDC said that the vaccine still protects individuals from more serious flu complications, according to the Minnesota Daily report.

Caregivers have not seen a significant decline in the number of people getting vaccinated, according to an MPR report, but some, such as pediatrician Dr. Robert Segal, are worried about the outcome of the news.

"People will either not come in at all to see one of our nurses to get a flu shot and we'll never know they didn't come because they read this and misunderstood or it, or when they do come in are more hesitant," Segal said.

David Golden, director of public health and communications at Boynton said that this study shows the need for more research into the virus and how to increase the efficacy of the vaccine, according to the Daily report.

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