Four Disabled Adults Found Locked In Basement

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By Alison Henderson

Four mentally disabled adults were found locked in the basement of a Philadelphia home Monday night, according to a Reuters report.

The victims were found malnourished and locked in a small room with no bathroom. One victim was chained to a furnace by his legs, according to the Reuters report.

In 1985 one of the accused suspects, Linda Ann Weston, was convicted of starving a 25-year-old to death and served eight years in prison, according to the Reuters report.

Weston, along with Eddie Wright, 50, and Gregory Thomas, 47, were arrested Sunday and charged with assault and kidnapping, according to an NBC report.

Police are also investigating whether the suspects were collecting money from the victims' disability and social security checks.

The victims were taken to the ghfj hospital and are listed in stable condition, according to an LA Times report.

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