Gopher Losses Spark Media Battle Between Former and Current Coach

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By Alison Henderson
With a record of 1-4 this season, Gopher coach, Jerry Kill stated that the poor performance of the Gopher football team is a result of poor recruiting and training.

In a press conference earlier this week, Coach Kill spoke about the state of the football program, with several comments directed at the previous coaching methods, according to a Minnesota Daily report.

"You have to recruit tough, you don't make them tough. You have to recruit tacklers," Kill said.

Former coach, Tim Brewster responded to criticism by disputing the claims.

"All I know is this: I believe in the players that I recruited at the University of Minnesota," Brewster said Tuesday. "I believe in them. It's a great group of young men that are committed to making the University of Minnesota the best it can be on the football field," according to the Pioneer Press.

The football team has suffered because of personal limitations, including a lack of discipline and academic ineligibility, according to the Minnesota Daily. However, Coach Kill hopes to turn the Gophers into a lasting Big Ten competitor.

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