Mommar Qaddafi Killed by Libyan Rebels

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By Alison Henderson
Lybian leader Mommar Qaddafi was killed Thursday near Sirte, after being found in a drainage ditch by rebel leaders, according to a USA Today report.

Reports of his death were uncertain but have been confirmed by pictures, video and by several officials of the National Transitional Council.

"He was killed in an attack by the fighters. There is footage of that," the NTC's information minister, Mahmoud Shammam, said in a Reuters Report.

Abdel Hafez Ghoga, a spokesman from National Transitional Council announced the death, calling it "the end of tyranny and dictatorship."

Lybian prime minister Mahmoud Jibril confirmed the death while speaking at a news conference in Tripoli, according to an Al Arabiya News report.

"We confirm that all the evils, plus Qaddafi, have vanished from this beloved country. I think it's for the Libyans to realize that it's time to start a new Libya, a united Libya, one people, one future," Jibril said.

Fighters celebrated by shooting their guns and hoisting the red, black and green national flag above a building in the center of a Sirte neighborhood, according to the Al Arabiya report.

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