Occupy MN Protest Continues

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By Alison Henderson
Occupy MN protesters marched from the Hennepin County Government Center to TCF Bank to protest the banking industry's roll in the economic downturn, according to an MPR report.

The peaceful protest happening in the Hennepin County Government Center started last Friday. Organizers are now directing their focus toward the banks, and toward more freedom during the protest.

Hennepin County police confiscated almost 30 tents set up by protesters during the demonstration this week, according to a Star Tribune report. Demonstrators said they plan to put up more tents near the U.S. Bank Plaza in the next two days.

The plaza, across the street from the Hennepin County Government Center, is in the in the jurisdiction of Minneapolis police instead of Hennepin County sheriff's deputies. Protesters hope Minneapolis will be more reasonable, organizer Nick Espinosa told the Star Tribune.

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