Somali Population Rises in Minneapolis

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By Alison Henderson

The Somali population of 32,000 in Minneapolis is still the largest in the nation, according to a Star Tribune report.

New census data from American Community Surveys estimated that the Somali population in Minneapolis has increased by about 5,000 people since 2010.

Other cities with significant Somali populations include Ohio with 12,300, Washington with 9,300 and California with 7,500, according to the Star Tribune report.

The data shows that the rise in Somali population in the city is part of a larger emigration from sub-Saharan Africa. The census estimated roughly 100,000 people have emigrated from the region in recent years.

University of Minnesota student Faduma Abdulle was only one of four families in Minneapolis in 1993, according to a Minnesota Daily report.

"We wish people would come over [to Cedar-Riverside] to get to know the Somali community, and hopefully the University community will welcome us as well," Abdulle told the Daily.

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