Synthetic Drugs Becoming a Federal Problem

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By Alison Henderson

A 21-year-old Blaine man that was charged with third-degree murder is also facing charges by federal prosecutors for purchase of illegal drugs over the internet.

Timothy R. Lamere received a letter on Oct. 4 from federal prosecutors promising to forgo prosecuting if he agrees to plead guilty to third degree murder, according to a Star Tribune report.

Lamere was charged after being accused of supplying 2C-E, a synthetic drug, to several people at a party in Blaine.

Trevor Robinson, 19, died shortly after taking a lethal dose of the drug. Ten others that took the drug were hospitalized, according to the Star Tribune report.

The drug is illegal and may have been bought through an online vendor, according to the report.

Other synthetic drugs, such as synthetic marijuana, are legal to sell in some stores and have become a big problem in Minnesota, according to a ">Duluth News Tribune report.

Lawmakers and enforcement agencies are looking to stop the sale of these drugs, according to the Duluth News Tribune report.

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