Occupy MN Protest Moves to Foreclosed Home

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By Alison Henderson

Two people were arrested Saturday night on the 3300 block of 25th Ave. South in Minneapolis during an Occupy Minnesota rally.

The protesters were charged with trespassing in a foreclosed home that is being used as a platform for demonstration, according to a Fox 9 report.

Police entered the home to board up windows as protesters linked arms around the house chanting: "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out! Stop foreclosures now," according to a Minnesota Daily report.

The house belonged to university lecturer, Sara Kaiser, who thanked the protesters for protecting her house on OccupyMN livestream. Police said they are waiting to hear from the realtor and the bank since both can make a citizens arrest, according to the Fox 9 report.

A post from the OccupyMN Facebook page stated "City attorney says they can't prove who owns the house so we can't be evicted for now!"

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