UN Reports Urgency of Climate Change in Developing Nations

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By Alison Henderson

An annual report from the United Nations stated that environmental trends will threaten the development of poor nations by 2050 if drastic action is not taken.

The report warns that poorer nations are most vulnerable to issues like polluted water, droughts and typhoons, which impact farming and lead to increased hunger and poverty.

"The key finding of the report is that the very impressive long-term development progress that we have been able to document in low-income countries in recent decades may slow down or even be reversed unless we, as a world community, come to terms with these central environmental challenges," William Orme, who oversees publication of the report, said in a Washington Post report.

Prosperous nations are being criticized for failing to meet their stated pledges "including promises made by the G-8, the European Union and the United Nations to give $100 billion a year by 2020 to fight the impact of climate change in developing countries," according to the Washington Post report.

The report titled Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All, calls for aid in the form of financial assistance, electricity, improved healthcare and an international currency trading tax, according to an LA Times report.

An annual United Nations conference will take place in Rio de Janeiro next June to discuss international solutions to present and future environmental issues.

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