Uprising in Egypt Against Military Council

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By Alison Henderso

Thousands of demonstrators fled Tahrir Square in Cairo Sunday as police fired tear gas into the crowd of people.

Three citizens were killed during the protest according to a CNN report. Health ministry spokesman Dr. Adel al-Dawi said one was trampled and two were killed by blows to the head.

The protest, reminiscent of the uprising in late February, was targeted at the military council and its leader, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, according to the CNN report.

The protest began Saturday and filled Tahrir Square by noon on Sunday, according to the CNN report. As the movement gained momentum, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets, and made several arrests.

Demonstrators set up a makeshift hospital to aid the several hundred that were injured during the uprising, according to a New York Times report.

Gen. Mohsen Fungary, a spokesman for the ruling military council, blamed demonstrators and an unnamed satellite show for the violence in a TV interview Saturday night. He suggested protestors were "enemies" of Egypt, according to the New York Times report. "The youth are blinded to the reality of the situation," he said.

A Sky News video shows security forces acting against the uprising with tear gas, rubber bullets and fires. Protesters chanted "The people want to topple their regime," according to the Sky News report.

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