Anti-bullying Video Gets Celebrity Attention

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By Alison Henderson

A 12-year-old Blaine, Minn. resident received a call from Mötley Crüe member Nikki Sixx, after using his song in an anti-bullying video on Youtube.

Chloe McCarty, using the song "Skin," posted the video to "blow off steam," according to a Star Tribune report. She had been a victim of bullying because of her trichotillomania, a condition that causes her to pull out her hair.

McCarty flipped through a series of note cards to tell her story, leaving viewers with an inspiring message.

"Ugly? Never. You are beautiful," the cards said.

After seeing the video Nixx called McCarty to thank her. He also replied to the video with a tweet saying: "Chloe, you made the most beautiful video for 'Skin' ... Thank you ... You are a role model. ... Your strength will give others hope. ... THANK YOU," according to a Sacramento Bee report.

The video also sparked reactions from thousands of viewers, and apologies from several of McCarty's classmates, according to the Star Tribune report.

1 Comment

Gosh, my eyes watered just by seeing that so adorable and brave little girl and admiring her for the bravery she showed! I am not surprised that Nikki Sixx called her, her story is so miving and am hoping it will be a great example for everyone who has ever abused her!

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