Changes Made in Minneapolis Cab Regulations

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By Alison Henderson

Minneapolis cab drivers will no longer be able to use their cell phones or the radio due to a new city council ordinance.

The ordinance, approved on Friday by the regulatory committee, also requires drivers to accept credit cards.

Rainbow Taxi owner Zack Williams agreed with the ordinance and said his drivers are already banned from talking on the phone while a customer is in the car, according to a Kare 11 report.

"Drivers will now sit and talk to their wives, girlfriends and friends, make dates, do whatever they are doing on the phone and completely ignore the passenger and we're in the customer service industry," Williams said in the KARE 11 report.

Cab drivers are accepting the regulations and are pleased with changes that allow them to drive in jeans, and leave their cabs at taxi stands, according to a Star Tribune report.

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