Climate Conference Ends With Legally Binding Agreement

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By Alison Henderson
The 17th U.N. Conference of the Parties came to a close on Sunday in Durban, South-Africa with an agreement to make all climate pledges legally binding.

The four-week international discussion also established the management of a climate aid fund for poor nations, but failed to determine where the funds would come from, and did not establish any targets to cut emissions, according to a CBS report.

The package extends the 1997 Kyoto Protocol agreement for another five years and legally binds developing nations like China and India, that were not included before.

"This is a very significant package. None of us likes everything in it. Believe me, there is plenty the United States is not thrilled about," said U.S. climate envoy Todd Stern in the CBS report.

Disagreements from India over the legal deal caused the negotiations to end 36 hours later than scheduled.

"India believes in maintaining the current stark division where only countries labeled 'developed' have to cut their greenhouse gas emissions," a BBC article reported.

Other developing and poor nations argued that industrialized nations are not fulfilling commitments, like financial aid, that were promised in previous agreements.

Talks about the legal deal will begin next year and are expected to be implemented by 2020, according to the BBC report.

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