Evanston Ill. Decriminalizes Possession of Marijuana

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By Alison Henderson

The 2012 budget for Evanston, Ill. decriminalized the possession of marijuana to raise revenue in the city.

Any possession under 10 grams results in a $50 to $500 dollars ticket rather than facing a misdemeanor and up to six months in jail, according to a My Fox Chicago report. The new ordinance will enable police to focus on more serious crimes.

The ordinance, which was voted on Monday night at a city council meeting, passed with a 6-3 vote, according to an Evanston Patch report.

"Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey said the city's 23,000 annual arrests for small amounts of marijuana cost the county $80 million a year, even though 90 percent of the cases are thrown out," Reuters reported.

"A one-time violation by someone with that level of possession could be a teenager or someone in college," said Alderman Donald Wilson in a Hawaii News Daily report. "I wouldn't want to see people suffer the long-term consequences of something that might just be short-term misconduct."

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