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In the articles about the 17-year-old high school football player that drowned, the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune took very different takes on the story, which I found interesting.

The Pioneer Press took a factual approach on the story and wrote information about the case that the readers needed to know in order to be informed. It told the who, what, when, where and why which is very important in a news story.

The Star Tribune took a different approach and talked more about the rest of his football team and their decision to play the game in honor of the victim. It does not give the basic information you need to know right away, and seems to have a more sentimental feel to it.

I believe that the Pioneer Press wrote this story better because the news is all about informing readers, and they did a good job of getting the basic information across to the readers.

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Again, glad you are getting these done. You could deepen the analysis a bit by giving examples and reflecting more on how the stories were effective.

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