US student stabbed by roommate in Rome

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According to the Washington Post and NBC News, a 19-year-old New Jersey student was stabbed by his roommate in Rome on Thursday morning after a night of Halloween partying.

Fabio Malpeso drank alcohol and took drugs on Halloween night and does not have any recollection of the events. Malpeso was in critical condition after the events and underwent surgery to stab wounds in his lungs and other parts of his body.

The suspect, Reid Alexander Schepis, attended John Cabot University with Malpeso and was a friend of his prior to studying in Rome. Their parents were also friends.

According to Schepis, Malpeso took drugs against his will. Schepis does not recall any of these events either. A third man, the boyfriend of Malpeso's sister, also suffered injuries while trying to defend Malpeso.

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