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Both of the articles, the Washington Post and the Huffington Post, that covered the story about Mexican drug cartels and their ports to the U.S. did a good job of covering the story and included a lot of information about the issue.

The Washington Post took more of a personal angle to the story by concentrating on one specific area that was affected by the drugs, Little Village in Chicago. They successfully put the most important information at the beginning of the story.

The Huffington Post did a more factual coverage of this story and was not very personal about the story. Either way, the information was sent across and informed readers. Both of the stories had information such as statistics and information from outside sources to make their story more reliable.


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In the articles about the 17-year-old high school football player that drowned, the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune took very different takes on the story, which I found interesting.

The Pioneer Press took a factual approach on the story and wrote information about the case that the readers needed to know in order to be informed. It told the who, what, when, where and why which is very important in a news story.

The Star Tribune took a different approach and talked more about the rest of his football team and their decision to play the game in honor of the victim. It does not give the basic information you need to know right away, and seems to have a more sentimental feel to it.

I believe that the Pioneer Press wrote this story better because the news is all about informing readers, and they did a good job of getting the basic information across to the readers.


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In the article about GM versus Obama in the Washington Post, I believe that good and bad aspects of news writing have been put forth.

The lead is always supposed to include the most important information in order to get the most important points across, but this lead seems more like the beginning of a story. I think that they should have put more critical information in the beginning and worked off of it with less important details.

One thing that i believe was done well in this story is the ending. It ends in a good quote which is a good way to close off a story.

Catholic Knights of Columbus analysis

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The news story about Catholic Knights of Columbus in the Star Tribune has some good aspects, but did not interest me very much.

The lead to this story is one of it's weak points because it doesn't give answers to the 5 W's that storys are supposed to have to get people's attention and inform them as soon as possible.

Another negative aspect of this is the length of the paragraphs. Even though many only use a few sentences, they are very long and should be shortened into more concise paragraphs.

One good thing about this article that stood out to me is the fact that it ends with a good quote to leave people off with and it ties everything together in the end.

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