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Man goes to jail for threatening tattoo

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According to the Pioneer Press and KSTP News, a 20-year-old St. Louis Park man was arrested on a count of making a terroristic threat for the benefit of a gang.

Antonio Jenkins Jr. made his first court appearance on Friday and was charged with a felony for his offensive tattoo of a pig dressed in a specific Minneapolis police officer's uniform with his brains being blown out.

His bail was set for $60,000. Investigators say that Jenkins is part of a violent Minneapolis gang.

Blaine woman killed by car on University Ave.

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According to the Star Tribune and KSTP News, 71-year-old Blaine woman was found dead on University Ave. in Coon Rapids late Friday night.

A 32-year-old Brooklyn Park man called police at about 11:30 on Friday night and reported that he had hit something, "possibly a person."

The name of the woman has not been named and the case is still under investigation.

17-year-old drowns in southern Minnesota

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According to the Star Tribune, a high school football player drowned after his boat capsized on Lake Elysian in southern Minnesota while duck hunting Saturday morning.

He was hunting with four other friends who made it back to shore, and two were hospitalized, according to Waseca County sheriff officials and the Pioneer Press.

17-year-old Brady Hruska was scheduled to play in a playoff game on Saturday evening. His teammates played in honor of him and beat the Medford Tigers.

20-year-old man dead after hit and run

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According to the Pioneer Press, a 20-year-old man died after a hit and run in downtown Minneapolis early Saturday morning.

The incident happened in the intersection of 3rd Street and 1st Avenue at about 2:45 am.

He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in critical condition, but died there, according to the Star Tribune.

University Ave. light rail slowing down local business

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According to the Star Tribune, the construction of the new light rail has been slowing down business and housing near Washington Ave.

Efforts are being made to save them, which is costing millions of dollars more in public subsides.

Proposals claim that the light rail will transform neighborhoods and create an "arts-centered cultural district.

The light rail is scheduled to open in 2014 and will run between downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis.

Three people killed in two fetal car accidents

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According to the Star Tribune, three people were killed two different car accidents this past weekend.

A woman died in a five-car accident going eastbound on Highway 7 in St. Louis Park on Saturday afternoon. She was pronounced dead at the scene, but nobody else required and medical attention.

According to the Wright County Sheriff's Office, two drivers died in a three-car accident in St. Michael on Friday night.

None of the identities of those involved in the accidents have been released.

A fatal car accident kills 2 men in Lake Mille Lacs

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Two men died after their car went off the road and rolled into Lake Mille Lacs on Sunday morning, according to the Star Tribune.

The driver, Andrew Nickaboine, was not wearing a seatbelt but passenger Ronald Dorr was. There was also a third man in the car, Keegan Morrison, who survived the crash with only noncritical injuries.

It was detected that all three of the men in the car had alcohol in their systems, and is assumed to be a factor in the accident.

Woman shot and killed in St. Paul

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According to the Star Tribune, a St. Paul woman was shot to death on Sunday afternoon in St. Paul.

The woman, who was about 20 years old, was found by police in a parked car in an alley after responding to a report of gun noises in the area. Police are still looking for suspects.

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