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First lets start off the first blog entry saying that this is my first blog ever. I never thought that my first blog would be about my homework and writing about how my project went.

Lets start off with the good. Our first Iteration on creating a scanner was ok as it pass most of the tests that was provided in scanner_tests and the assessment tests. Though we fell into a hole as we failed on a test that involved lexical errors and couldn't proceed further to fix on time. We have created tests right after we wrote each code for keywords and such. We wrote tests from what the FIRST article discussed. It should be fast, isolated, repeatable, self-verifying, and timely. Our style and formatting followed emulating pure blocks. Pure blocks look better in my eyes and clean to read for anyone. Thought when we were rewriting the same if and switch statements for regex in scanner.c, there was always a extra indentation when we copy and paste.. It was annoying and was a hassle to fix for many lines of code.

On the bad side, things that went wrong is that we didn't start early enough to plan our implementation. We just went straight in to coding with our telling each other how we should do it. We did not follow what we learn in class about how to productively write code.

To make our next Iteration more successful than our first, we need to plan, plan, plan. Plan as in writing our design on a piece of paper or on the PC. Then discuss and analyze how write and tests afterward. We follow the same process on testing new code right away. And fix it right away if an error comes up. We will review what we have learned in this class and use it every time we implement something. We are taking this class for a this purpose, to code better and learning a process that will help develop programs in a easy flow.

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