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The Digital Divide; Digital Native or Digital Immigrant

In an article written by Marc Prensky, it is pointed out that currently there are digital natives and digital immigrants. Even though growing up during the dot.com boom, I strongly consider myself in the middle of the digital divide. The methods and ways that I use to write can be through digital outlets such as email, creating Microsoft office documents, writing on internet websites (i.e. Facebook), and through cellular communication platforms. But even though I might utilize these stated formats to write through I am still an avid fan of the hard-copy experience. I do prefer to read, prewrite, and mind map from and on paper versus using a completely digital means of communication.

But with all the above stated, I am still always stretching to encompass a new "digital" greener method of communication. Getting out of the comfort-zone in printing materials and reading only print is something that I am striving to accomplish. For example; instead of purchasing hard copy books, I am looking to invest in an e-reader specifically the Barnes and Noble Nook. I was able to transition from purchasing hard-copy music compact discs to using Apple's iTunes a few years ago and have been enjoying the convenience that it provides. The only drawback or hesitance that I am faced with surrounds the lasting capabilities of the specific hardware/software. But being that the future is centered on information readiness and convenience, the personal need for these digital technologies will be increased. Such as with the telephone transition to the cell phone, then to cell phone users to data encompassing devices such as the blackberry and or iPhone. Sooner or later you must transition, appreciated or not.

Being a fan of technological advancements, I am looking forward to seeing where technology takes me in my lifetime.

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants - Marc Prensky

Barnes and Noble Nook

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