December 13, 2007

We Got Tubby!!!!

University of Minnesota Athletics Director Joel Maturi announced today that the University and Gopher men's basketball coach Tubby Smith have agreed to terms on a seven-year contract. "We are thrilled to announce that we have finalized a long-term agreement with Coach Smith," Maturi said.
Coach Smith has the Golden Gophers off to a 6-1 record in 2007. They have defeated Army, Iowa State, Central Michigan, UC Riverside, North Dakota State and Colorado State by an average of 18.8 points per game, which is the second-largest victory margin in the Big Ten Conference. I am excited for the basketball program because it allows students and boosters something new to be excited about on campus. I think things can only get better from here because Coach Smith can start to bring in the type of players that he wants. Coach Smith has championship credentials having won the national title in 1998, several NCAA tournament appearances and winning five SEC tournament titles

December 12, 2007

Free Mike Vick

Vick and three others were charged with violating federal laws against competitive dog fighting, procuring and training pit bulls for fighting and conducting dog fighting across state lines. I think this is an unbelievable charge against a professional football player that has no time to participate in actions in another state that he doesn't reside. The dogfighting charges was from Vick's home state of Virginia but Vick had been currently staying in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm not saying that Vick is 100% flawless in th matter but I thought that a 23-month sentence for a crime that occurs in another state is beyond belief. Maybe I am too big of a Mike Vick fan but there are still humans roaming the street for rape and murder but Vick is charge with mistreating dogs. I just think a lot of things are screwed up in the justice system and this serves as a stepping stool so I will continue to say FREE MIKE VICK.

New Recruit Signs

There was a new commit that has decided to be a part of the Gopher Nation that I think everyone should be excited about. David Pittman, a four star prospect from Pasadena City Community College has decided that Minnesota is the right spot for him. Pittman is described as an athlete but after speaking to him about his career stats I think he will be a quarterback here. David threw for over 3700 yards in his career and over eighteen touchdowns. He had 600 rush yards to go with those. You would think that he is too small to play by standing near him but the stats don't lie. David is about 5'11 but he can play and from his current achievements he is a champion in the weight room. Here's a small biography:

In 2006, David Pittman smashed the PCC football single-season records for passing yards, completions, attempts, and completion percentage. He also passed for 26 touchdowns and finished the season as the state's passing leader.


December 11, 2007

Not good for my hometown Jacksonville Jaguars!!

The Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Marcus Stroud is now done for the season. As of Wednesday the Jaguars placed Marcus Stroud on the injured reserve, effectively ending a difficult season for Stroud in which he’s fought through nagging injury after injury. Stroud also face a month-long league suspension for violating the NFL’s policy against steroids and related substances. The injury that is ending his season is a severely sprained right ankle. Stroud suffered this injury on the first play of the second half Sunday in the Jaguars 37-6 win over Carolina on December 9th. During the off season, Stroud underwent a microfracture surgery on that same ankle which kept him out of seven games last season for the team. The Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio has announced that Stroud will be out for at least six weeks. The team signed former Houston Texans linebacker Shantee Orr to take Stroud’s roster spot. I think this is a setback for the team because Marcus Stroud is the heart and soul of our defense. I hope the Jags can maintain from this.

December 9, 2007

Football Banquet

Though the Minnesota Golden Gophers did not have the season that was expected, the end for the 2007 senior class was a bang. The team had the banquet Sunday December 9th. It was a fashionable event that had every player in some form of shirt and tie. The senior class wore maroon and black tuxedos. The event allowed every senior to speak and voice their words of wisdom. Listening to every senior speak, some had good things to say and some felt the urge to be a comedian on the microphone. There were 16 active seniors and 17 including Brandon Owens that sustained a career ending injury. I thought it was a great setup for every senior to feel important. The food was nice and there was 3 courses for the meal. The inspirational speaker Desi Williamson was a great addition to the program. I think Desi spoke from his heart and he proved in a short time why he been inducted into the Speaker's Hall of Fame. He was uplifting to every player and coach. There were numerous awards given out and they were well deserved. I was also proud to

December 6, 2007

Chronicles in Gopher football recruiting '08

There have been numerous division one athletes around the nation that have been offered an opportunity to play football for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Currently there are 23 players that have committed to the U to play. These players are rated out of high school on a star scale from one to five stars, one being low and five stars being superior. Currently, the U has accumulated 4 four star recruits and 8 three star recruits to be a part of the 2008 recruiting class.The team is in need of defensive players so the recruiting class is heavily in the defense's favor. There is a lot of players in the skilled positions committed. Here is the group:

Xzavian Brandon WR
Tramaine Brock DB
Terrell Combs ATH
Jonathan Dandridge DB
Roszell Gayden OL
Ryan Grant LB
Brandon Green WR
Maurice Greer RB
Vincent Hill WR
Johnny Johnson DB
Brandon Kirksey DE
Eric Lair TE
Simoni Lawrence DB
Sam Maresh LB
DaJon McKnight DB
John Nance ATH
Spencer Reeves LB
Shady Salamon RB
Padric Scott DT
Traye Simmons DB
Troy Stoudermire ATH
Gary Tinsley LB
D.L. Wilhite ATH

Comcast shows its monopoly tendencies in my city

For the fourth December in a row, Comcast Corporation is raising its cable television rate. Comcast, which provides cable service to most of Northeast Florida, said that the average cable television bill will rise by 3.5 percent on Jan. 1, 2008. The amount of the increase will vary by the type of cable packages. The monthly price for full basic cable will rise by $2.51 to $52.50 a month, while the price of digital cable with a premium channel will rise by $3.50 to $80.95 a month.Also, the monthly cost for using a digital video recorder will rise by $2 to $13.95 a month. This is because there is suppose to be an increase in services.The increased services are to include more programs available for On Demand service and more high definition channels. I just don't think the prices should continue to rise for its service because I don't think Comcast is all that impressive in the first place. Hopefully with AT&T about to launch a cable network, there will be more options in my city for cable t.v. Comcast remains a monopoly for now because it's either Comcast or rip off satellite television.

December 4, 2007

Pimp C Dies

Many do not know about the southern rapper Pimp C. To the south the rapper and producer is a trend setter with lyrics and a "trill" persona but his death was a shock to the rap world. Born in Port Arthur Texas, Pimp C, real name Chad Butler and one half of the rap duo UGK, was found dead in a hotel room this morning. He was 33. He was at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Speculations is it appeared as though Pimp C died of natural causes. No drug paraphernalia or other drugs were found in the room. He was found fully clothed on top of the bed. He did not seem to have fallen or injured himself and he was positioned on his side. An autopsy will be performed and toxicology test results will be available in six to eight weeks. I thought it was a sad deal for a man that had not too long ago been set free from a three year jail sentence. I hope the best for his rap partner Bun B and his family and friends.

December 3, 2007


I didn't imagine a college campus that could be so boring at times. When making my decision I figured that being on a campus with 50,000 students, someone would be out or having something going on at least on the weekends!! I find myself at times on Friday nights and even Saturday nights hanging out in my apartment because there isn't anything going on for the most part. I guess I just don't know enough people yet. But sometimes the most popular people that I know don't have answers and it's kinda disappointing. But hopefully things will work out over time.

November 7, 2007


I am writing to get a feel of this website. My name is Traviers Herndon and I am a freshman from Jacksonville, Florida. I have very little to say about the present year as a freshman because not much goes on outside of athletics for me. It has been a rough season of struggle at times in the Big 10, but I am growing every time I step out on the playing field. I haven't said what sport I play because I will start discussing that in my next entry, but if you know me it's not a mystery. It's sooo cold right now and it only gets worst is what I'm told! But what else should I expect being from the sunshine state. I guess this is an ice breaker.