Living a Genocide: The Children of Darfuri - An Important Online Exhibit

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War began in Darfur in 2003, with rebels taking on the central government of ignoring the region and, in effect marginalizing the ethnic minorities that lived there. Today, despite the efforts of so many global partners working to establish peace, protect the innocent (especially children) fighting between the Sudanese government and rebel forces continue.

It may seem like 'old news' to us, but the conflict and horror continue today, as you can see from any search on Darfur in a news database. A recent US State Department report is available here.

How can we relate to the situation there? Musa Wakhungu Olaka, Holocaust and Genocide Studies Center Librarian at USF Tampa Library has given the world an excellent, sobering window to this crisis at their new online exhibit.

Well worth a visit.

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