For the next month, the Libraries are giving you the chance to go back to the days of major upheaval and change - the decade of the 1960s! This decade saw the culmination of battles for civil rights, the rise of ethnic studies, women's rights, and battles against the war in Vietnam.

In his book, Protest Songs in America (available in the Music Library), David Rosen described the decade this way: "This profound change in American music, which manifested itself in all the popular arts, reflected an equally profound change in American life. The 1950's were reaffirmative. They were characterized by conformity, mediocrity, middle-class materialism, lack of social concern and a general apathy among young people. This was a decade of stagnation. The 1960's, on the other hand, were years of great social and political upheaval. They were characterized by social awareness, grave uncertainties and often despair. Young people questioned those social and political values of past generations that condoned segregation, waged war and produced the bomb" (p. 18).

In our exhibits - in both the Music Library in Ferguson Hall and in the basement exhibit cases on the basement level of Wilson - we explore some of the issues, the music, the atmosphere that marked this key period in our history. We hope you will join us!

This blog will be used to share information as well as giving you a forum to express your own thoughts about this period - and your own. Enjoy!

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