Google's ebookstore Takes Ebooks to the Next Level


I was fortunate to be asked to write a news piece on the December 6th opening of the Google ebookstore for Information Today's NewsBreaks section. The open access article, titled "Google's eBookstore Takes Ebooks to the Next Level," is available at their site. This new ebook entrant is a true game-changer for the ebook industry - and for publishing and libraries.

Google has deep pockets to fund ventures, an existing vault of millions of scanned books in Google Book, the standard search engine and extensive experience with web advertising and metrics. The industry itself - from the American Booksellers Association to competitors like Amazon, Borders and Barnes & Noble were quick to react.

How this will all work out is still to be determined, but we are clearly entering a new era of publishing, retailing and information use and sales. Libraries need to be paying close attention - after all cities and institutions are re-evaluating the role and cost of libraries, such as Camden New Jersey's recent proposal to close their public libraries. In this economy, libraries and their staffs and services are vulnerable.

You might want to give the article a quick read. I think this is critically important to the future of information, libraries, information access and reading. Your thoughts?


This is a really good analysis and assessment of the current situation. I'm not convinced that Google deserves to be trusted with all that they are taking on and the lack of true competition concerns me. However, in these times it's hard to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Keep up the good work on these assessments! I found many good pieces while noodling around on the site.


I definitely agree that Google could be a true game-changer in this brand new industry if they were playing by the rules. Issue is that Google (i.e. google docs etc.)is using copyrighted materials for their own good. Trials after trials they will have some day to abide by copyright laws around the globe and not hide behind DMCA or whatever. For the moment being, this new service is not yet active or visible outside of the us. I'm still waiting.

I am also in exactly the same situation and it was a relief to find someone with similar experiences.

Das ist sehr faszinierend, Du bist ein übermäßig professioneller Blogger. Ich habe Ihren RSS-Feed verbunden und bleiben Sie in der Jagd nach zusätzlichen Ihrer fantastische Post. Außerdem habe ich Ihre Website in meinem sozialen Netzwerken geteilt!

Estoy seguro de que lo que ha dicho definitivamente se perforan los oídos de sus lectores y hacerles pensar más profundamente acerca de lo

Je vais certainement vérifier ces choses

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Kudos aan u! Dit is echt een goede blog hier en ik hou van je stijl van schrijven. Hoe ben je zo goed in bloggen?

Devo dire, come sostanzialmente come mi sono divertito a leggere quello che aveva da dire, non potevo fare a meno di perdere interesse dopo un po '. È come se tu avessi una buona conoscenza sulla materia, ma si è dimenticato di includere i tuoi lettori. Forse si dovrebbe pensare a questo da molto di più di un angolo. O forse non si dovrebbe generalizzare in modo considerevole. Il suo meglio se si pensa a ciò che gli altri possono dire invece di andare per una reazione istintiva al soggetto. Pensate a regolare il vostro molto proprio processo creduto e dare altri che possono leggere questo il beneficio del dubbio.

Hallo an alle, bitte helfen Sie mir einen neuen Thread starten mit einem verwandten Thema.

Nice post, ¿podría darme algunos enlaces donde puedo aprender más sobre este tema?

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