Kansas Leading the Fight for Fair Ebook Access in Libraries


Librarians have been stereotyped as being passive (or passive aggressive) and shy. Well, that's never been entirely true. I never would have gone into the profession had I not been fortunate to have taken classes from Dave Berninghausen and Nancy Rohde from the UMN or being able to meet the amazing Judy Krug during my graduate days. I learned that information is important, critical to individuals, societies and a democracy. Jo Budler, Kansas State Librarian obviously learned this somewhere down the road as well. It was a privilege to be able to learn about her and talk with her about her strong, assertive efforts to best serve the needs of the people of Kansas - and in the larger picture, the rest of us - in this wrinkle in time between p-books and e-books. I was asked to write about the Kansas situation for Information Today's NewsBreaks, which was just published on their blog today.

Give it a good look. We need clear thinking and attention to the intended role and function of libraries in our society - and we all have much to learn from Budler's example.

Your thoughts?


Cool story - and Budler is a cool lady.

I like your blog, always has some nice stuff.



Good job covering the details missed in some of the other national coverage. We in Ohio miss Jo and are proud of her work in KS.

Thanks for the article posting.

Wow. Great article. Thanks.

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