University Presses Lead the Way for Publisher-Based Ebook Systems


University presses throughout the world occupy an important and unique position, sharing common commitments to scholarship, the academy, and society. In today's quickly changing publishing environment - with all publishers having to find a way to move from p-books (printed paperbacks and hardcovers) to at least offer e-book alternatives. Commercial publishers mired in their concerns about licensing, losing properties, maintaining control and copyright. Little concern seems to surface for looking at not only their own futures (in a world in which 'publishing' itself takes on new meaning as anyone can take to the web to share ideas and find financial success) but that of their readers and institutions like libraries that have been created to protect and promote free and full access to information.

However, it seems as though university presses may be taking the bold steps that are needed. I just published a NewsBrief for Information Today that looks at some very interesting, collaborative efforts of the 100+ scholarly presses to create new opportunities, new platforms and new user experiences.

Whether these efforts, by themselves, succeed or are supplanted by other endeavors, these presses deserve credit for moxy, creativity and the courage to face the future boldly.

What do you think about these efforts? Read the article and let me or the NewsBreaks folks know your thoughts!


This is a good take on scholarly publishing today. These presses are critical. Thanks for the good coverage.

this is so fine. show me more posts.

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