Do-It-Yourself Citation Management


We are now at a point in history where it is easy to manage your identity and citations to your research from a variety of sources. I wrote about this not long along and referenced it in an earlier blog posting . Today we have many outlets for this, with Google Scholar being the latest.

I recently did my own Google Scholar Citation entry and I've posted the process GoogleScholarCitations.n11.pdf">here. I hope others will also use this opportunity to establish their own records - the benefit is for clear unambiguous identification of your own work, a chance to keep up with who's citing your work and a chance to see some of the metrics that might be generated from the data on your citations.

I'd love to hear your comments, thoughts and evaluations on this new Google product as well!


Wow. This is easy and looks nice. Thank you.

I'm already on LinkedIn and ResearcherID, but this looks like it has more potential and thanks for the information and the tips on setting it up. Looks pretty easy!

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