Ebook Tsunami--From Antitrust to Burgeoning Sales


After over a year of investigation, Wednesday (April 11th), the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit in federal court against Apple and five of the largest, most important publishers on our planet. I wrote a news blog item about the filing - and other recent ebook news - for Information Today's NewsBreaks. It's worth a read - even more interesting to read is the lawsuit itself, which - step-by-step - presents the government's case of how it all happened. In Walter Isaacson's biography of Jobs, he talks about the discussions and comments that Jobs himself had made about this. The government's case, however, outlines this in detail. The inner machinations of publishers paint them as fearful and feeling powerless against the advancing technology of the 21st century as well as of the increasing power of Amazon. You might want to give the news post a read.

Your thoughts?


Thanks for this - and especially posting the lawsuit text - like reading a mystery!

This is tough. Im not pointing fingers at you though, really I think its everyone else that is responsible.

Identified this particular upon MSN and I happy I did. Well crafted article.

I would like to stay ontopic here without rocking the boat on your news blog.
Why did you choose news ?

You are a very intelligent individual!

Keep it up Thanks

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