Ebook Trends 2013--The New World of Ebook Publishing


In a second NewsBreak blog entry on what's happening with ebooks, I focused on the changes in publishing, self-publishing and how this is impacting authors, readers and publishers.

For Barnes & Noble, the challenge will be to look beyond the device to position themselves against online vendors, self-publishing models that parallel music distribution and the increasing encroachment of retail titans. I'm a read who longs for spaces where readers can discover serendipitously ideas, authors and good reads - in both libraries and bookstores. However, both libraries and bookstores are in peril, especially as places for discovery, contemplation and learning. And the social web is no replacement.

Publishers face their own issues in terms of redefining their roles in the new publishing ecosystem which allows anyone to master publishing, writing and promotion. And, for authors themselves, taking on these tasks forces them into new relationships with readers but also with their creative works. If you are actively marketing yourself, it can't help but influence the development of your work.

I've mentioned some of my concerns, do you have some of your own to share?


This website consistently has excellent information on trends and issues. I wish you did even more.

Thank you. I learn so much!

Great post!

Self publishing used to have such a stigma on it. I believe we are starting to see a change in the tide. Us "Indie Authors" are starting to police ourselves and soon enough we will be like the "Indie Movie" movement.

Just remember, self-publishers are in good company: Durer, Emerson, Thoreau....just to name a few. The Internet has created platforms, but also information scatter - which has to be overcome with quality and good PR. What methods are being tried out there today?

Feel free to share with the list!

Nancy Herther

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