Milwaukee and them Darn Vikes

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On my last day of this travel session, I stayed in a really nice hotel in Milwaukee. I checked in to find out that there were two weddings going on and it was super loud, so I went off to find some dinner. I drove to the west side of town and feasted at a chinese buffet. Now here is my rule of thumb about china buffets, only eat the seafood because everything else is fried and not as good as a sit down place. I feasted on octopus, shrimp, mussels and crayfish and then headed back hoping to find a few Milwaukee buddies to hang out. I was told the next day that they didn't respond to me because they were at the casino and forgot to check their phones. Disappointing, I could have used a few poker hands and might of pulled in a few black jacks. O'well, I knew there was a casino in town, I just never thought about going to it. I settled on drinking spotted cows with a few of the wedding peeps in the hotel bar before calling it a night. I slept early and well because I wanted to prepare for the drive back to Morris.

After the fair, I hurried out to beat the rush and took off. I was really enthused because the Bears had just lost and if we beat the Packers, we will be right in the battle again for the NFC North playoff spot. I tuned into the radio and listened to all them talk shows and hype and finally the game kicks off. I cracked a bottle of Amp Energy and turned up the radio and off the game goes. Ok, lets not relive this nightmare, this is as far as I will go about them darn vikes. I avoid the newspapers, and espn several days after such a game. It just hurts man. Well, I got into Mo-Town at about one thirty and did not even unpack, just too tired. I'm off to bed.

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