The End of Part 2

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I met up with Kia from UW-Ea Claire at the Aurora National Hispanic Fair. She was one of the gals that has never been to Chicago before and she told me how scared she was. Originating from Wausau, she thinks Minneapolis driving was bad. Yes, she told me she was so terrified of tolls because she didn't have coins and she had already missed two that she did not go out to find dinner after making to her hotel in Aurora. Poor Kia, she should have called me was what I told her. Anyways, we became friends after I agreed to be her chauffeur to Chinatown. Kia does not want to drive there after finding out from me that traffic there sucks, but she really really wants to see it. I'm a nice person, I agreed to it. What I found to be really funny was that I forgot to tell her that Chicago interstates have an express lane, so the lanes will part and the middle part won't have access to merging in and out, hence faster - express.

Our game plan was that I will follow her to her hotel, let her park and she can hop into my car to Chinatown and I will just drop her off after that. As we were going down the interstate, she pulled off to the right exit off of the express lane and I stayed on. I knew it then that the GPS told her to go that way, and I also knew that because we are not in rush hour, she won't be slowed at all and we will meet up again. Boy was she surprised to see me driving next to her when she merged back into the express lane, I waved. When we dropped off Kia's car, she asked me how fast I was driving to "catch up to her". That was when I help educate her about express lanes. We did find a nice Chinese restaurant where I had some amazing braised chicken feet, shrimp dumpling, and fried wide noodles.

I walked around with her for awhile giving her time to do some shopping and stuff before dropping her off in busy downtown before heading back to my hotel. I'm glad that I was able to help a fellow Hmong sister out.

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