Toll Trouble October 16

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Up to this point, I have been good about not missing any tolls. It just so happen that this Saturday Morning, I was in a rush to get to the University of Illinois - Chicago for the 100 black men of Chicago Fair. I did not do the usual waking up at six because I figured Saturday traffic was going to be mild. What I forgot to do was check my coin stash in my jelly belly bean container. All I have left was a whole lot of pennies and I don't know if they will take pennies or not. So I got to the toll and apparently this guy had a rough night or something is is just being such a BEEP. I looked and wasn't sure if he will take pennies or not so I told him to give me a slip so I could pay online. He was such an in your face guy, man, seriously, it made go into the hate side of my relationship with Chicago. After a few moment of trying to settle for a solution, he decides he want to call trooper on me to give me a 75 dollar fine. I was so pissed, seriously, 75 dollars for 80 cents? Finally I pulled out my jelly belly bottle and handed to him and told him to take what he needs. He was not happy having to count pennies, but I said that the penny is money, manufactured by the US government and that it is legit and if he wants to he can call trooper go ahead. The dude did not even call trooper, he took his 80 cents and let me go. Got me all worked up for over 80 cents. I was not happy.

What made my day worst was the location of my table. I got wedged in between the University of Michigan and Missouri University. These are two big schools in this location. Now, at this fair, they allow on the spot admission to take place so long lines are inevitable. The problem was that the tables are your standard college fair tables and Michigan has five people there with tons of materials, their helmet, the who deal. Yes, the long line of people began blocking my table and I was not happy. Mizzou's rep happens to be a buddy of mine, so he finally did asked people to clear out and luckily two tables down, the University of Miami did not show up so Michigan took over that table too. The crowd was kept in check, but my results this year was nowhere near where it was last year. It was still a very good fair and I got several applications filled out, but it was disappointing. I made sure to note that in the survey. Please have bigger space because the students that we are servicing is no longer a 30 second affair, it is a 2 minute minimum per student talk. At least I got a break after that and I found an ATM to bolster my bean bottle. What a day.

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