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MnACC and my Final Chicago Run

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I want to first and foremost apologize to any readers who expects me to update this often. That isn't going to happen. Life as an Admissions Counselor is rough sometimes and blogging is probably the last thing on my list to do. Hence, like last time, I am going to divide this up into several entries based on events.

The week after my National Milwaukee College Fair was pretty mild. It was a lot of catching up in applications, phone calls to my students, and figuring out what has been going on in the office since I was last there like weeks ago. I was super excited to meet everyone again, but it being the last week of October going into November, only a couple of people are still around. Everyone else was out! It was my in house week but I had to go for a couple of fairs on the 26th and 27th so I was really in the office for just 3 days. It was good while it lasted.

Before too long, I had to prepare to be out again. I already know that this is probably going to be one of my toughest weeks because by now I kind of realize that I just a little tired. I went down to Saint Paul on Halloween night and checked into my hotel in East Paul for the first day of the MnACC. On the Monday of the fair, I got done with the fairs at 3:00 PM and then have to drive down to Chicago. That was rough. I did not even get into my hotel until like 11:20 or something. Good thing I got the Monday night football game to listen to while I drive, but driving for 7 and a half hour with four of them being dark is not fun.

This whole week in Chicago I ate everyday at a pho restaurant at some point. I found this chain that was similar to a Saigon, except it has this really dumb name: Noodles Pho U. What kind of name is that for a restaurant? I get it, but it is horrible. I have to admit, their portions are huge and not too bad at all. I had the fried squid tentacles, mango salad, and their pho is big, similar to a Saigon Jumbo sized pho. I also ventured into Vietnamese town where I saw the first Hmong peeps in chi-town ever that doesn't work in admissions. I was walking down the street enjoying the scenery when I heard a group of gals walking by, and Wow, I understand them and they were not speaking in English! Of course I didn't stop them to talk, that would be weird, hence I continued on. But that is huge, Hmong peeps in Chi-Town. Not unheard of, but rare.

I knew that I was tired of travel when I almost did not want to go to that last Morning fair before the end. Seriously, I did not want to go to the fair just because I was so tired of Chicago and being alone at this point, but I went and it was a long two hours before I'm finally done with Chi-Town for the week. The drive back was what I thought it was, long, tiring, and I even forgot to enjoy the Wisconsin drive. Well at least now I can spend the rest of the time in my Hometown instead.

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